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The James Warren Goldsmith Genealogy Page
Glymph, DeHihns, & Related Families of Newberry County, SC and Surrounding Areas


Biography of James Warren Goldsmith
Descendants of James Warren and Sarah Ellen (Woodside) Goldsmith
Hampton's Legion
My Personal Research
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 I have divided the following genealogy into GLYMPH and DEHIHNS. My maternal great-grandfather was a Glymph and my maternal great-grandmother was a DeHihns. The Glymph section is much bigger because I have traced it further back than the DeHihns.
Glymph & Related Families
Adams - Rowan County, NC >> Newberry County, SC
Alewine - Alsace, France/Germany >> Newberry County, SC
Cromer/Kromer - Erpfingen, Germany >> Newberry County, SC
Gilliam - Gravesend, Kent County, England >> Eastern Region of Virginia (New Kent, Prince George, Cumberland, James Cty, Goochland, Prince Edward) >> Newberry County, SC
Rikard/Reichert - Germany >> Newberry County, SC
Ruff - Germany >> Newberry County, SC
Suber/Zuber  - Baiteral, Germany >> Newberry County, SC
Yost - Germany >> Newberry County, SC

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