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The James Warren Goldsmith Genealogy Page
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Biography of James Warren Goldsmith
Descendants of James Warren and Sarah Ellen (Woodside) Goldsmith
Hampton's Legion
My Personal Research
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Links of Interest

Below are some links relating to this site. Please let me know if you find any broken links. Enjoy!

Let me know if you find any broken links. Thanks!
The Southern Messenger - View J. Scott Goldsmith's weekly column, The Southern Messenger. J. Scott Goldsmith is the 2x-grandson of James and Sarah (Woodside) Goldsmith. Note: His writings aren't for the politically correct.
The 16th SC Regiment - Click Here to find out more about the 16th South Carolina Regiment. James Warren Goldsmith's nephew, William Henry Goldsmith, fought in the 16th and was killed at Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia. A very thorough site, it also includes information about other regiments in South Carolina.
Greenville Co., SC GenWeb - Check this site out to view information about Greenville, SC genealogy resources. This site is a part of SCGenWeb (USGenWeb). A link back to this site has been graciously provided there.
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