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The James Warren Goldsmith Genealogy Page
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Biography of James Warren Goldsmith
Descendants of James Warren and Sarah Ellen (Woodside) Goldsmith
Hampton's Legion
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James Warren Goldsmith fought in Hampton's Legion, Infantry, Co. E Bozeman's Guards (Greenville, SC). He was inducted and discharged a private.
There are some war records for James Warren Goldsmith that I will have to check on. It says that he was apparently wounded near Richmond (1861-early 1862?). He may have been wounded at First Manassas, which occurred in July of 1861. This is the only record I have been able to find of him. Family legend says that he might have lost a limb during the war, which would explain why he apparently didn't return to fight; also, he is not listed on the Appomattox surrender roster.
His first son, James William, was born in November of 1862. Therefore, he must have been home sometime around February of 1862.
I would be interested in corresponding with anyone with any information on South Carolina's role in the War for Southern Independence; also, are there any Virginia Hospital Lists out there on which James Warren Goldsmith might be listed, or any records from First Manassas which might yield more information? You can >contact me< by clicking this link.
Thank you!

A great page to find further information on Hampton Legion is The following information comes from that site.
LT. GEN. WADE HAMPTON - Commanding Officer - Hampton Legion
The companies of the Hampton Legion Infantry are as follows:
Co. A. - Washington Light Infantry - Charleston - Capt. James Connor
Co. B. -  Watson Guards - Edgefield - Capt. M. W. Gary
Co. C. - Manning Guards - Clarendon - Capt. Wm. T. Lesesne
Co. D. - Gist Rifles - Anderson - Capt. W. H. Austin
Co. F. - Davis Guards - Anderson/Greenville - Capt. J. S. Austin
Co. G. - Clarmont Rifles - Sumter - Capt. E. S. Carson
Co. H. - Statewide/Orangeburg Zouves - Capt. L. C. McCord
Co. I. - From the Old Fourth - After Sharpsburg - Capt. D. L. Hall
Co. K. - From the Old Fourth - After Sharpsburg - Capt. J. H. Bowen
CO. E. - BOZEMAN GUARDS - Greenville County (Note: This was the company in which James Warren Goldsmith fought)
T. S. Adams (Capt.)
R. B. Arnold (Capt./Lt. Col.)
T. L. Bozeman (Capt.) - Note: He was Sarah Ellen (Woodside) Goldsmith's (and James Warren Goldsmith's) brother-in-law. Talieferro Lewis Bozeman married Ellen's sister, Eliza Elliott Drayton Woodside.
W. A. B. Davenport (Capt.)
J. T. Stenhouse (1st Lt.)
T. P. Baker (2nd Lt.)
O. P. Howard (2nd Lt.)
J. R. Huff (2nd Lt.)
M. W. Thompson (2nd Lt.)
Joel Copes (3rd Lt.)
J. J. Bozeman (Asst. Surg.)
J. S. Hammond (1st Sgt.)
L. E. Parler (1st Sgt.)


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