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Hans Michael Zuber and his third wife, Elizabeth (Miller) Suber, had two sons, John Suber and John Uriah (Uriah) Suber. Uriah married Catharine Ruff, and their daughter, Hannah Suber, married John Planter Glymph, Jr.
Hans Michael was from Baiertal, Germany, a town about 100 kilometers from Frankfurt, Germany. Hopefully a picture will be provided soon.

Descendants of Hans Michael Zuber


Generation No. 1

1. HANS MICHAEL2 ZUBER (EZEKIEL1 SUBER)1 was born 1710 in Baiertal, Germany1. He married (1) ANNA MARIE WITTMAN1 August 26, 17381. She was born 17121, and died February 1747/48 in Leimen, Germany1. He married (2) ESTER MARGRETHA HERMANN1. She was born 1717 in Leimen, Germany1. He married (3) ELIZABETH MILLER1.


The Hans Michael Suber Family

The Suber family of the S.C. Dutch Fork was founded by Hans Michael Zuber who arrived in S.C. about 1752. German Church records of the family are found in Werner Hacker's "Kurpfaelzische Auswanderer vom Unteren Neckar in 18. Jahrhundert." Hans Michael Zuber, b. 1710, Baiertal, Germany, married 1) 26 Aug 1738, Anna Marie Wittman, b. 1712, d. Feb 1748, Leimen, Germany; married 2) Ester Margretha Hermann, b. 1717, Leimen, Germany, and after arrival in S.C., married 3) Elizabeth Miller.

Hans Michael Zuber was granted a 200 acre tract on Heller's Creek, adjacent the 100 acre tract of Elizabeth Millerin. Plats for these two tracts were certified on the same day, 18 June 1753. Hans Michael and Elizabeth Miller Suber are believed to be buried in Suber Cemetery #4 located on the 100 acre survey of 1753 to Elizabeth Millerin.

Children of HANS ZUBER and ANNA WITTMAN are:

i. HANS ULRICH3 ZUBER1, b. 17401; d. 17411.

ii. ELISABETH ZUBER1, b. 17411.

iii. HANS BJORG ZUBER1, b. 17431; d. October 17831; m. RACHEL WEYMAN1; d. November 18191.

iv. EVA BARBARA ZUBER1, b. 17451.

Children of HANS ZUBER and ESTER HERMANN are:

v. CONRAD3 SUBER1, b. 17491; d. May 18141; m. LUCY WICKER1; b. 17571; d. 18141.

vi. WOLRATH SUBER1, b. 17511.


vii. JOHN3 SUBER1, b. 17561; d. October 14, 18271; m. BARBARA1; b. 17521; d. 18211.

2. viii. JOHN URIAH SUBER, b. December 26, 1761; d. July 6, 1832.


Generation No. 2

2. JOHN URIAH3 SUBER (HANS MICHAEL2 ZUBER, EZEKIEL1 SUBER)1 was born December 26, 17611, and died July 6, 18321. He married CATHARINE RUFF1, daughter of CHRISTIAN RUFF and BARBARA YOST. She was born June 5, 17681, and died February 7, 18251.


Burial: Suber-Glymph Cemetery, Glymphville, South Carolina1


Burial: Suber-Glymph Cemetery, Glymphville, South Carolina1

Children of JOHN SUBER and CATHARINE RUFF are:

i. SOLOMON4 SUBER1, d. April 23, 18301; m. ELIZABETH STOCKMAN1.

ii. DAVID SUBER1, b. November 30, 17881; d. February 4, 18531.

Notes for DAVID SUBER:

Ran a store in 1821.


iii. EPHRAIM SUBER1, b. April 27, 17921; d. September 22, 18751; m. (1) MARTHA HOGG1; b. 17991; d. July 11, 18321; m. (2) ELIZABETH ANN GLYMPH1, March 21, 18331; b. January 2, 18051; d. October 6, 18371; m. (3) MRS. MARIA ELIZABETH RUFF EICHELBERGER1; b. October 12, 18021; d. September 23, 18491.

iv. ELIZABETH SUBER1, b. 17941; d. 18331; m. WILLIAM WELCH1.

v. SARAH SUBER1, b. December 30, 17961; d. March 20, 18401; m. DAVID BOOZER1; b. February 9, 17881; d. 18501.

vi. JOHN SUBER1, b. 17971; d. 18591; m. LAVENIA GALLMAN1.

vii. CHRISTIAN SUBER1, b. September 17, 17991; d. May 23, 18711; m. CAROLINE COUNTS1; b. August 17, 18151; d. January 3, 18821.

viii. URIAH SUBER1, b. June 1, 18011; d. June 20, 18271.

ix. HANNAH SUBER2, b. 1803, South Carolina2; d. September 4, 1862, Glymphville, South Carolina2; m. JOHN PLANTER GLYMPH, JR.; b. 1798, Newberry County, South Carolina2; d. January 10, 1873, Glymphville, South Carolina2.


"1850 Census Newberry County South Carolina with Genealogical Data on Many Families" (1985 Edition Revised) by Eleanor Clyburn Wicker, Sponsored by Old Newberry District Chapter South Carolina Genealogical Society, 1998.

p. 629

HH# Name Age Sex BP RE Occ

1404 Glymph, John 52 M SC 7,000 Merchant

Glymph, Hannah 47 F SC

Glymph, Lavinia 26 F SC

Glymph, Laura 18 F SC

Glymph, Mary A. 16 F SC

Glymph, Rebecca 14 F SC

Glymph, John 12 M SC

Glymph, Bryan 10 M SC

Glymph, Walton 09 M SC

Glymph, Fripp 05 F SC

Blackwell, James 22 M SC Farmer

Blackwell, Sarah 23 F SC

Blackwell, John P. 02 M SC

x. REBECCA SUBER3, b. December 14, 18063; d. December 10, 18413.

xi. MARY SUBER3, b. October 29, 18083; d. March 8, 18853; m. MICHAEL BUZHARDT3; b. September 9, 18073; d. August 16, 18853.

xii. LAVINIA CAROLINE SUBER3, b. 18123; d. 18473; m. LEMUEL BOOZER3.




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