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Because I am a Goldsmith, this is my main line of research. I have traced the Goldsmith line back to the late 1400s in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, England to a Mr. Goldsmith. My line went from Northamptonshire to Cheshire to London to Virginia and to South Carolina.
John Goldsmith, an indentured servant, arrived in New Kent County, Virginia in 1652 at the age of thirteen. He was a servant to Anthony Hoskins. After his indentureship was up, he married Mary Long, daughter of John Long, another indentured servant. They had six children: John Jr., William, Anthony, Mathew, Mary, and Hannah. At the time of their marriage, Mary was 4-5 months pregnant with John Jr., their first child.
 John and Mary Goldsmith's son, William (1665-), married Lidia Richardson. Nothing else is known about them. Their son was Rev. William Richard Goldsmith (1700-), a Presbyterian minister, who married Mary Lewis (1700-).
 William and Mary Goldsmith's son, William (1728-) married Isabella Rountree (1726-), daughter of William and Dorcus Dudley Rountree. Their son, William (IV) married Elizabeth Rountree and they moved to Greenville County, South Carolina.
 I have information on all of William and Elizabeth (Rountree) Goldsmith's children: Mary Ann (1785-1829, m. Joseph Newland Howard), Thomas (1787-1868, m. Sally Cook), John (1789-1825, m. Elizabeth Marchbanks), William (1796-1852, m. Lucretia Johnson), Sarah (1797-Aft. 1850, m. William Berry Willingham), Emmilie Amelia (1800-1862, m. Josiah Greer), Turner (1802-1892, m. Maria Louisa Stokes), Elizabeth (Abt. 1807-Aft. 1880, m. Thomas McCrary), and Lucy (m. William Daugherty).

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